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Beth Ford

Beth Ford

Born and raised in New Orleans, I have lived in Baton Rouge for the past 25 years. My passion for real estate has always been a strong one. Through a series of synchronicities in the fall of 2014, I decided to follow my passion and enter the real estate sales realm. I have a knack for seeing new construction designs come together in my head with a simple walk-through of a framed house.

I am a graphic designer by trade and a home improvement show lover by night. Shows broadcast on HGTV such as Fixer Upper®, Property Brothers® and the older shows like Holmes on Homes® and Income Property® have a special place in my heart and show me what truly can be done with real estate and has heightened my appreciation for it.

I am the type of realtor who believes that you should be able to walk in a house and feel that it is home. To find a place that speaks to you and gives you that "at-home" feeling takes time and patience. The same care and attention is given to sellers as well as renters. I have your best interest at heart.

When not involved in real estate, I am passionate about cooking, growing fresh herbs, yoga, music, LSU sports, fishing and spending time with family and friends.

Looking and touring homes brings me great joy. If you're looking for someone to help you on the path to your next home, don't hesitate to call. Let me share my passion with you!