Latter & Blum Relocation

Relocating with CJ Brown to Greater Baton Rouge 

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CJ Brown REALTORS enlists full-time Relocation Staff and a Relocation Director to answer questions about your relocation needs. In addition, each of our branch offices has Relocation-Trained Real Estate Associates to service the individual needs of incoming and outgoing referrals.

To reach us by phone, Toll Free call 800-428-8294

International transferees can use our Global Services to ease the stress of an international relocation. We also offer career counseling for spouses/partners of corporate transferees, and wonderful informative tours of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and the Mississippi Gulf Coast upon request.

Individual or Group Move

CJ Brown Relocation Department is pleased to offer these services to meet the unique needs of your move:

  Single point of contact   Home purchasing assistance
  Specially-trained relocation associates   Luxury property options
  Bilingual associates   Environmental testing/general home inspection services
  Free locating service/rental assistance   Toll-free relocation assistance 800-428-8294
  Destination services including Newcomer's Guide, personalized area tour,
      home finding, school & community info, local publications,
      leisure activities and more.

Employer Transfer/Corporate Move

CJ Brownoffers benefits to the buyer, seller, and corporation from being a single point of contact to on-site consulting.

Benefits to transferee:
  Single point of contact   Mortgage services, pre-approval
  Specially-trained relocation associates   Free locating service/rental assistance
  Bilingual associates   Home inspection services
  Luxury property options   Free locating service/rental assistance
  Destination services including Newcomer's Guide, personalized area tour
     (before or after job contract), school & community, child & elder care, 
     local publications, leisure activities & more.
  Toll-free relocation assistance 800-428-8294
  Single point of contact   Mortgage services, pre-approval
  Specially-trained relocation associates   Home inspection services
  Bilingual associates   Property Management
  Advanced marketing of home   Toll-free relocation assistance 800-428-8294
Benefits To Corporation
  Single point of contact   Resource identification
  Specially-trained relocation associates   Status reports with transferee tracking
  Bilingual associates   Cost effectiveness
  Group move assistance   Toll-free relocation assistance 800-428-8294
  On-site consulting

International Move

International transferees are both motivated and pressured by a new job abroad. Distance and cultural shock can create stress for the entire family. Whether it's an employer transfer or individual move, our specially trained personnel respond to your needs by providing effective services at minimal cost and with minimal loss of productive time.

Services or Contacts Provided for Expatriates and Impatriates:

  Pre-move counseling   Property management on US residence (expats)
  "Settling in Services" include contacts for driver's license, auto
      and insurance, financial services, utilities, and social security # &
      IRS tax ID # (Impats)
  Destination services including Newcomer's Guide, personalized area tour (impats),
     homefinding, school & community info, local publications, leisure activities
     and more.
  Professional selection of appropriate real estate associate

Corporate & REO Services

CJ Brown is pleased to present a comprehensive program of service to meet the very special needs of corporations, lenders, private mortgage insurance companies and bonding authorities. Whether corporate inventory, foreclosed or datien en paiement, your properties receive exceptional care.

  Single point of contact   Seller control of direct home selling costs
  Specially-trained relocation associates   Full property maintenance
  Accurate broker marketing analysis   Repair estimates
  Prepared marketing strategy   Established and successful Corporate & REO office
  Monthly status reports
  Account specialists licensed and trained in marketing/negotiating
      corporate or foreclosure sales.

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